Newcastle Coin Dealers


---- WHAT WE SELL ----

We operate a retail shop dealing exclusively in second-hand items. We mostly stock:
- 19th/20th century coins and banknotes (British and World) in the 1.00-50.00 price range.
- a variety of modern silver coins, suitable for both investors and collectors. If you have ever bought from
the companies that advertise in the newspapers, you will likely find that our prices are extremely

We also stock small quantities of gold coins, Royal Mint items, pre-1800 coins, and high grade older coins.
We generally have a few medals, postcards, cigarette cards, stamps and random collectors' items, which we
make available to the public on a strictly 'pot luck' basis!

We wholesale coins and banknotes to EBay dealers, investors, market traders, jewellery makers, etc., and also import coins
and banknotes on a regular basis. This means that we are well-placed to cater for wants lists (dates, type coins...),
but we will only act upon these if you contact us, agree outline terms, and leave a deposit!


- The price we think we can get for an item through our extensive international network of trade contacts,
plus a little bit tacked on to cover the costs of retailing
-The price at which an item is likely to sell on the internet, minus a little taken off as we find internet sales
less enjoyable than shop sales.

It's that simple! We sell a lot to other dealers, so our prices can't be that bad. Quantity pricing is of course available,
but asking for discounts on every purchase you consider is a guaranteed way to irritate us. We really are interested in what
we sell and are quite chatty, but we are running a business!


We offer you an experience which is becoming rare these days - a human face behind the counter, happy to discuss coins
and banknotes at length. The shop doubles as an 'office' for our wholesale business, so you can even marvel at the
'organised chaos' in the background. And, we're frequently cheaper than the internet!